Top Breakout Stocks
Top Breakout Stocks
The Top Breakout Stocks are stocks that broke out today and have a high average gain after previous breakouts. We scan 10,000+ stocks daily which enables us to discover stocks that the average person would probably not be aware of. To increase the quality of the breakouts the list has been filtered by various factors such as average volume, the number of previous breakouts, and our proprietary trend filter. This list is updated during the day and after the market close and does not include pre-market or after-hours trading.
last updated 1:43 PM PST, Tue Jan 23 2018
Stocks that broke out today sorted by average high after previous breakouts:

SymbolAverage high after
previous breakouts
Average low after
previous breakouts
Average close after
previous breakouts
Number of breakoutsBreakout rangeBreakout price
Stock #137%-13%
Top 10 Breakout Stocks

Today's Top 10 has average highs after previous breakouts of
37% to 22%

Stock #1022%-9%
The average high, low, and close are for the one month period following previous breakouts.

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Top Breakout Stocks

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