Best Performing Stocks Since Yesterday
Stocks up the most since breaking out to new highs yesterday:

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Breakout range

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% Gain

Stock   #15-day0.382.64594.7 %
Stock   #240-day2.503.16 26.4 %
Stock   #340-day6.438.01 24.6 %
Stock   #410-day6.237.44 19.4 %
Stock   #525-day32.3336.04 11.5 %
PPC5-day24.1826.91 11.3 %
DLB5-day43.0947.61 10.5 %
MITK15-day6.727.4 10.1 %
NEFF5-day7.798.55 9.8 %
MVIS25-day1.992.16 8.5 %

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