Stocks To Watch:  Top stocks close to breaking out.
 Top Stocks:  Today's breakouts with high average gains after previous breakouts.
 Today's Best:  Stocks up the most after breaking out today.
 Booming Breakouts:  Stocks with very large gains since breaking out recently.
 Big Volume Breakouts:  Stocks breaking out on high relative volume.
 Yesterday's Breakouts:  Stocks up the most since breaking out yesterday.
 Biggest in a Week:  Biggest breakouts within the last week.
 Biggest in a Month:  Biggest breakouts within the last month.
 Frequent Breakouts:  Stocks that breakout often.
 133  breakouts today - How high/low do they usually go?
Average high, low, and close after previous breakouts

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  5-day high  10-day high  15-day high  20-day high  25-day high  30-day high  40-day high
  RAI48.00  CHK6.96  RAI48.00  RAI49.06  RAI49.06  RAI49.57  RAI50.63
  MSFT57.96  PYPL40.48  CHK6.98  CHK6.98  X20.29  MSFT58.40  ALKS51.40
  CXRX4.04  CXRX4.71  PYPL41.31  PYPL41.31  ALKS51.40  X20.29  AKS5.21
  MO63.11  ALKS46.88  CXRX5.26  CXRX5.50  XIV39.52  ALKS51.40  SYF28.14
  DGAZ4.44  MNKD0.66  ALKS47.54  ALKS51.40  POT16.41  XIV39.52  VRSN82.89
  DISCA25.95  XME26.10  MO63.56  FB130.71  PBCT16.03  AKS5.21  SNI65.72
  GM32.07  VRSN77.84  MNKD0.66  POT16.41  VRSN79.95  VRSN79.95  LECO64.62
  DISCK25.31  NVO41.11  FB130.71  PBCT16.03  LECO64.10  LECO64.10  CLS11.01
  SAP88.21  NXTD3.23  POT16.39  VRSN79.95  VA55.97  UIS10.26  MEDP31.36
  M36.28  KNL22.33  PBCT16.03  NXTD3.66  DFT43.47  DFT43.47  AMTX1.83
Which top stocks are close to breaking out?

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